2009 - Gibraltar Trade Center

For a few weeks in 2009, I setup a large track at Gibraltar Trade Center in Mount Clemens Michigan, to demo the SCX Digital product line. I was only "paid" by SCX with some spare cars and track pieces, so I also tried charging a few bucks to race, to win a hot wheels car.

2010 - JEEPERS! - Great Lakes Crossing Mall

For a few months in 2010, I setup a large track near the roller coaster inside Jeepers at Great Lakes Crossing Mall. This was to demo the product line again, but I also charged a few bucks to race, and actually turned a small profit.

2010 - SlotCarRental.com is born

While doing product demos, and selling races, I had a lot of requests to setup at birthday parties and corporate events, which lead to the creation of the original SlotCarRental.com website, and the first sign that this might actually be a viable business.

2011, 2012, and 2013 - Detroit Grand Prix

For 3 years in a row, 2011, 2012, and 2013, I was hired to setup at the Meijer family fun zone at the Detroit grand prix. I setup a massive track each year, and since I was paid to be there everyone raced for free.

2015 - First Event with Simulators

In 2015, as an experiment, I added 3 crudely assembled race simulators to one of my repeat corporate client events. The crude nature of the simulators was far from perfect, but they were worked great and were very popular at the event. So I started planning and saving for the multi-player race simulator trailer.

2017 - First Event, MultiPlayer Race Simulator Trailer

I had medical issues in 2015 and 2016, but for those years, I was still ordering parts as I could afford them, and slowly built and setup the race simulators in my basement. It was not until the end of the 2017 warm seasons that all the pieces came together, I had the simulators ready, I found a good deal on a trailer, and I had a large multi-day corporate event that would pretty much pay for the majority of the trailer. So I jumped on it, put it all in the trailer, and prior to the first big event, I set it up as a free to play test run at the Royal Oak Farmers Market, Food Truck Rally. Although it was free, someone still paid me a $5 bill for their race time, so the first $5.00 was made on the Simulator!

2018 - Cars & Coffee M1 Concourse

In 2018 I was trying to setup at every event I could find, especially the free events. One of these events was one of the first few Cars and Coffee events held at M1 Concourse.

2019 - Logo On The Trailer

In 2019 I finally had the logo added to the side of the trailer.

2019 - Virtual Raceways Store Holly Michigan (CLOSED)

Just before the end of 2019 I experimented with store space, provided by Revive in Holly Michigan. While there I had a corporate event I took the simulators too. I had software problems, they would randomly disable themselves. So instead of putting them back in the store, they wound up all in pieces in my basement as I tried to figure out what was going on. So I gave up early on the store idea, until I fixed this issue.


In 2020 I was still struggling to figure out what was wrong with the simulators, the only absolute solution I had was to buy a new computer for each of the 10 cockpits I have. Then earth was under attack by cooties causing events with socializing to become forbidden, and suddenly it no longer seemed like a good idea to spend $12,000 on a business that I was not allowed to conduct. so... everything sat in pieces in my basement until 2023.

In some ways this helped me, as much small, faster, and more affordable computes have been released in those few years. So thankful that I did not buy them BEFORE the lockdowns.

2023 - Trailer Rebuilt And Ready To Go

It is now 2023, and I jumped into deep debt to buy the computers I needed. Just got done rebuilding the simulators and fixing the trailer, hope this works...

THE FUTURE - of Virtual Raceways

The current Race Simulator Trailer is just a proof of concept. If I can actually make money doing this, I intend to go with a larger trailer similar to this 3D concept model I created. I may not be able to afford to go this big, but it would be nice. This is only about 4 foot longer, yet allows 12 players and has a place to stay on road trips.