I often do events that I cannot do alone. So I am looking for a few people that can be summoned through e-mail as needed to help. This is defainatly not a start of a career, a full time job, or even a part time job. The events themselves will determine when I need help, and this is far from every day, every week, or even every month. I rarely do any events in winter.

Events can be from 2 to 10 hours a day, and are often multiple days. Smallest events will pay a minimum of $50 cash.

Those that do well will be asked to help again. I may have need for actual employees in the future.


When I run a slotcar track, I cannot reach all of the track, so I primarily need someone at the other end of the track table, to put cars back on the track. This is easy, but players refuse to slow down, so will crash constantly, so it is also annoying. Occasionally I run more than one game at the same event, so you may have your own track to run, with your own helper. I am usually nearby to fix/repair things that only I can fix, like broken slotcars or computer problems. With some crowds it is nothing more than pressing a reset button to start the next game, while other crowds need constant assistance.

  • Unload equipment from truck.
  • Setup equipment prior to event.
  • Take down equipment.
  • Load back into truck.
  • Remain on best behavior.
  • Instruct new players on hand control functions.
  • Line up cars, and start the race.
  • Keep an eye on the track at all times, looking for crashed cars.
  • Quickly return cars to the track when they crash.
  • Keep kids from walking away with controllers, cars, or scenery.

  • Unload equipment from truck.
  • Setup equipment prior to event.
  • Take down equipment.
  • Load back into truck.
  • Remain on best behavior.
  • Assist players with seat adjustment.
  • Instruct new players on the primary wheel and pedal functions.
  • Remind players wich button resets their car when they crash.
  • Occasionally operate the master computer, when I am away.

    I focus more on the event, and make sure everything is working, and I am boring. I need someone with more energy to keep spectators engaged, and convert them into paying racers. This will be done by walking around talking to potential racers when an event gets slow, and using the microphone for race commentary, and play by plays. This could potentially involve live streams.

  • Primarily will be using microphone and loud speaker.
  • Attract more players to pay to play.
  • Provide a play by play commentary during each race.
  • Will likely also be doubling as Pit Crew.

  • Common Sense.
  • Primarily speak english.
  • Ability to lift 50 pounds.
  • Reliable transportatoin to event location.

  • Drinking, Smoking, Vaping, prior to event will not be tollerated.